Fall Home Project: Tile Rejuvenation

Fall is a great time of year for tile rejuvenation to already tiled surfaces of the home. These mild months are perfect for performing an indoor home maintenance project, as folks prepare for holiday guests and colder months ahead.

Tile rejuvenation maintenance not only removes mold and allergens from surfaces, it also adds beauty and longevity to all interior tile work. The maintenance prevents future costs of remodeling and re-tiling by keeping existing surfaces clean and protected.

The tile rejuvenation process involves removing all dirt, mold, and allergens using a citrus-added steam cleanse, and then re-sealing and re-caulking the treated tile area. The finished product results in a beatified and polished tile surface, as well as a safer and healthier living environment.

Performing tile maintenance in the Fall months provides home owners with a fresh and clean new look to their interior without actually remodeling any of their home. Also, the tile renovation may be a welcoming feature to all winter visitors, as well as provide a healthier household during months where more time is spent indoors.

Our citrus-added steam cleaning process is an environmentally friendly method to clean tiles without using harmful chemicals. The method involves use of a citrus additive to water, which then produces steam for deep cleansing and disinfecting of the tile surfaces. The citrus additive effectively removes molds and allergens while adding a clean feel to the interior.

The tile surface is re-caulked and re-sealed after the citrus-added steam cleaning is done, thus transforming the area to look and feel like new.

Budget restraints may prevent some home owners from carrying through with this process. This is a completely understandable issue, so it is recommended that do-it-yourself re-sealing of tiles be done every six months to a year, depending on the surface and amount of use. While re-sealing will not provide all the benefits of the tile rejuvenation process, it is something that should be done by all homeowners for general maintenance and upkeep.


We hope this blog helps communicate the benefits of using our tile rejuvenation process that instantly adds longevity to already tiled surfaces. Please contact us for any further questions, comments, and concerns.

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