Holiday Gift to Your Home: Heated Tile for the Winter

Believe it or not, the holidays are here again, and so is the stress of gift purchasing. Installing heated tile floors in your home, or someone else’s, is a great gift that can be a treat to the entire family for years to come.

Installing heated tile floors is a task suited for the late-autumn and early-winter season, thus also suited for a gift during the holiday season. Performing a heated tile home project during this time will instantly serve a purpose for the colder months ahead and the increased time spent indoors. This process is not considered a “large” renovation, thus there is little burden to the homeowner, as far as renovation time and “mess”.

There are several benefits for a homeowner to have heated tiling, including adding value to the home. Heated tile flooring (and shower walls/benches) provide(s): Added comfort to everyday life; A cost-effective source of heating; and Can be installed in all “wet areas” with use of Warm Wire.

Warm floors not only radiate heat, but are also soothing to the touch. The tiles, themselves, become sources of controlled temperature heat, thus perfect for those cold winter mornings. Shower floors, benches, and walls make getting ready during cold weather seasons a much more enjoyable activity.

The gift of heated floors also provides a cost-effective way to heat particular areas of the house. Electricity costs for heated floor tiles are cheaper than heating costs. This benefit will last for as long as the heated tiles are used.

We use Warm Wire installation jackets for those that desire heated tiles in the shower and other “wet areas”. Floors, benches, and walls can safely add the features of heated tiles using the Warm Wire technology. The tough outer jackets of Warm Wire allow for a complete waterproof installation preventing risks of electric shock.

Heated tiling is an amazing gift for everyone to enjoy and the process is very suitable for this time of year. If you’re looking to give a delightful gift to loved ones this holiday season, or just looking to treat yourself, call us for more information on our heated tile services at BIG DOG HOME PROS, 720.HOMES11 (720.466.3711). Also, check out our Facebook fan page
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Thanks for your time in reading this post, enjoy the holidays!

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